Quality Piston Fillers

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  • Self adjusting controller
  • accuracy to 1 gram or .001 lb.
  • Controller range up to 10 lbs.
  • 3.5 cu. ft. hopper
  • 110 volt electrics
  • Handles any dry bulk products
  • Can fill bags or rigid containers
  • automatic tare adjustment
  • Self-adjusting bulk and dribble speed control
  • 600 fills per hour

  • Product is loaded in the hopper. The packaging weight is set on the controller (up to 99 weights can be stored). after starting the first fill cycle with the foot pedal, the controller will automatically switch to a ″learn mode″. During this time the controller tests the flow characteristics of the product and decides the best speed durations for bulk and dribble. The controller will automatically change the vibratory feed from bulk to dribble and stop the filling at the pre-set weight. Each successive container is filled by placing it under the funnel and pressing the foot pedal.


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