Quality Piston Fillers

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The model DPF is a very simple method to accurately dispense free flowing dry materials into containers at speeds of up to 50 fills per minute, depending on the product and size of the fill.  The operator loads product into the hopper, places a container under the nozzle, presses a foot pedal or palm button, product is then dispensed into the container. Interchangeable cups allow the machine to dispense various volumes from .1 oz. to 32 oz. per stroke. Larger volumes are also possible. accuracy of fill is + ½ of 1% by volume.

The standard model includes a 10 gallon hopper and product contact parts are stainless steel and food grade plastics. all parts disassemble quickly for clean up. The unit requires compressed air (4 cfm @ 80 psi). Options include: 20 gallon hopper, vibrators, product agitators, interchangeable nozzles and multiple nozzle units.



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Table Top Model

Model DPF-6000 with floor stand can be used
as a stand alone unit or can be positioned
over aconveyor for automatic filling

DPF-6000 with 6 ft inddexing conveyor,
cup denester and lid placer.

Turning the handwheel allows the
operator to adjust the volume of fill

DPF-6000 for small fills
(60 grams or less)

DPF-6000 Options

Optional Product agitator keeps product from bridging.

Optional electric scissor cart allows the operator to lower the
machine to manually reload the hopper with product

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